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“I am responsible for the welfare of those who think of me to the exclusion of all else and who remain devoted to me all the time” – Bhagavat Gita

Lord Ayyappa is known as "Hariharasuta" because he is the son of Hari (Vishnu), the saviour and Hara (Shiva), the destroyer. His most common name is "Manikanta" because when the king Rajasekara Pandiya of Pandalam found little Ayyappan in a forest, there was a "mani" (bell) tied around his neck. Lord Ayyappa is also known as Dharma Sastha, as some consider him to be born out of the union between Mohini (an avatar of Vishnu) and Shiva.

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"Bhootha Natha Sadananda
Sarva Bhootha Daya Para
Raksha Raksha Maha Bhaho
Sasthre Thubhyam Namo Namaha"

I offer my salutations to Lord Sastha
Who is the lord of all beings
Who is perennially ever happy
Who shows mercy towards all beings
And I pray, Protect me great hero.

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